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I’m a software engineer for an airline. Technically my title is Solutions Architect, Airline Operations. Unlike many people with the title Solutions Architect, I still write code, because design is code is design. Within my company, I specialise in airline operations.

I’m writing this paragraph in seat 29D on a 73H with config J8Y168 on a short-haul domestic flight. Down the back is OK, its a bit more sensitive to turbulence, given its distance from the aircraft’s centre of gravity. It was the best aisle seat I could get, given the fare class I’m travelling on and the weight and balance requirements for the flight. Suffice to say, I love the deep arcana of pushing metal around the sky. I’ve started to compile a range of facts, descriptions, and opinions pertinent to programming and systems design for airline operations here.

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Nowadays I’m writing mostly in the Akka framework for CQRS purposes and for Reactive Streams style development (we use Java, not Scala, for this). I have also written some GUIs in React.JS. The team also develop our services layer (GraphQL) with Node.JS. I lead a team of four devops engineers, we manage what we build and w2e build what we manage. Our containers are designed to run in AWS ECS and EKS. Data is streamed by AWS Kinesis Streams, and our data storage engine of choice is Mongo Atlas.

If you want to hire me, and especially you have an interesting aviation-related software design and development project, I might be interested, but only in certain conditions, for example: a small development team in which I can play a vital part; modern development methods; modern technology; scale; interesting business domains; real-world implications; senior roles.

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I recently submitted my PhD dissertation (June 2019). My PhD is in the field of Classics and Ancient History. The title of my thesis is Landscape and geographical space in T. Livius ab urbe condita. I do my own translations, as a PhD student is expected. My favourite Latin poets are Ovid and Propertius. I wrote my entire thesis in pandoc/markdown and generated the PDF from that using LaTeχ, bibteχ, and xeteχ using LaTeχ memoir. It was built using ci-runners. I’ve got a complete thesis-build project which I will open source once I extract my actual thesis text from it and make it a little more general-purpose.