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These are longer form items I’ve written on various topics on software development & design.

Disclaimer: All technical opinions and social/political observations expressed herein are mine, and mine exclusively, and are, therefore and of course, verifiable facts.

In all seriousness, these articles just reflect my opinion and observations, and are not the official opinion of any employer past or present. No, I do not regard my opinions as factual. Unless they are.

21May2020  Understanding Kubernetes Part 1. Core concepts, or, how to get a grip on the Kubernetes essentials
16Apr2020  What developers often get wrong Concentrating on the wrong thing
19Mar2020  why use akka on the jvm? Asynchronous, reactive, cloud native systems on the JVM
19Mar2020  oo is broken one of the fundamental issues with objects are at their very core
29Sep2019  airline operations Airline operations from a programming and systems design perspective