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keychron k1 v2 keyboard

mechanical keyboard for the mac
timestamp: 2019-09-01T04:30Z

Clicky sounds when you type.

a great mechanical keyboard which I bought.

I love this keyboard very much! I’m going to buy another one soon for my work. I use it with a Mac at home – three Macs in fact. The bluetooth switching is painless, and I love the ability to use it as a wired keyboard too! I was until recently using only Apple keyboards (I love those keyboards) but the inability of them to be easily shared among different computers was a showstopper.

The feel of the mechanical keyboard is amazing. I’ve forgotten what it was like to type on a real keyboard. I have compared it against a Mattias bluetooth model (more expensive) but while it wins on battery life (no backlight) the Keychron is hands down the much nicer keyboard to type on. The RGB backlighting is not essential of course but just adds some sparkle. If only it had a light sensor so it could automatically turn on and off as the lighting conditions change.

My only other observation is that Keychron’s Amazon store isn’t available in Australia, and it should be. However ordering directly off the Keychron website solved that problem for me (that’s how come I ended up with the Mattias keyboard as well).

If you want a mechanical keyboard for your Mac, get the Keychron. This is the nicest Mac keyboard I’ve ever used.