You there, hello!

Welcome to autonomous organisation. My name is Scot Mcphee. I write code, and research ancient history. You can hire me to code software. You can read what I write about Ancient Greeks and Romans. I live in Auchenflower, Australia.

All photos on this site — other than the 'Castle Bravo' atomic test shot — were taken by me.


I write code. The sort of code you want written. I can write code in the following languages: Java, Python, Objective C, Javascript, and also: /bin/sh, Perl, Ruby, 'K&R' C, Smalltalk. I live and breathe REST applications. I can tolerate creating XML Web Services, even if I wouldn't advise you to adopt them. I understand JEE servers and Spring applications very well. I'm conversant with html5 and css too.

The business of coding.

I have more than ten years of Agile experience, from eXtreme programming to Scrum. I've got good experience in the finance and corporate coding worlds and tons of recent experience in coding travel industry web apps + svcs. I understand the obscure arcana of airline operations very well, including all the 'Type B' messaging that's found in that world. If you're an Australian there's a good chance software I made has helped fly you around or book your hotel.


As well as being a professional programmer, I'm also doing a PhD in Classics and Ancient History at The University of Queensland. You can read my thoughts Classics and my PhD by reading my blog Inlustre Monumentum Est. I 'm also on I also write code for applications in this area, as you will see.

My Work.

The following sections detail some of the publically-available work I've done recently. All the code I link to is available from my github account. Because it's not open source, I've not included my corporate work here. Also, all the photographs bar the first one (the Castle Bravo atomic test) were taken by me; see them on Flickr.


DeCommentariis.Net (On Commentaries) is a web app for crowd-sourcing commentaries on ancient texts; "a network on commentaries." It's currently at a β (beta) stage of development with features still being actively added, especially those that will help teachers of ancient Greek and Latin. The technology is Python 3.3, Django 1.6.2, html5, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, with a Tasty Pie REST/json API, and running on the Amazon Web Services platform.

Latin OWL

Latin OWL (Online Word Lookup) is an iOS/iPhone app that allows you look up a Latin word inflections, see their declension or conjugation, and view the dictionary entry. Latin Owl for iPad also maintains a search history, and allows you to view the inflections and dictionary entries at the same time. Both of these apps are free on the App Store, and open source too (see my github).


Pandoc Referencr

Pandoc Referencr is an open source plugin for the multi-platform editor Sublime Text. The plugin is written in Python. It allows you to check and manage the footnotes in a Pandoc plain text document. I use Sublime Text and this plugin (among others) to write my PhD thesis in Pandoc format.

pandoc referencr

Inlustre Monumentum Est

This is my blog which is about topics in Classics and Ancient History. It also has posts about tools & technology of interest to academics and researchers, and general posts about the trials and tribulations of being a PhD student and researcher.

inlustre monumentum est

Let X=X

Let X=X is my technical blog. Its focus is programming idiom and methodology, but also include topics in the business and engineering principles of programming, and applications and technology in general.

let x=x

Contact me.

If you want to get in touch with me, please do one of the following:

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